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Finally, an Instruction Manual for Parents


Career educator and parenting expert Sherry Rhodes explains all the things children need to learn, how to teach them, and how to get buy-in from the kids.

The Parent's Complete Guide is a reference manual for parents, covering everything kids need to learn to become responsible adults.


"A comprehensive guide to raising children and preparing them for later life." - Kirkus Reviews


Based on years of experience, you'll learn how to deal with:

  • temper tantrums

  • chores

  • schoolwork

  • behavior issues

  • kids not listening

  • risky behaviors

  • sex and drugs

  • and much more


The Parent's Complete Guide makes your parenting easier by explaining how to teach each subject and how to get buy-in from your kiddos.


"Encouraging and cheerful, Sherry Rhodes’s The Parent’s Complete Guide takes the mystery out of what, when, and how to teach children the skills they need to navigate life, from birth to eighteen. " - Foreword Reviews


Using proactive, instead of reactive, parenting you'll be able to prevent many problems before they occur.


Sherry Rhodes uses numerous examples and personal stories to underscore each lesson. Also included are potential answers for your children when they are faced with negative peer pressure

  • For sex: "I couldn't possibly sleep with everyone who asks me!"

  • To smoke: "Why would I want to poison myself?"

  • To try drugs: "My parents do random drug testing"

  • To give friends free stuff from their place of employment: "Sorry, but I'd like to keep this job."


Each topic will explain how you can teach it to your child, AND how to gain their cooperation.


The result? A more peaceful family; responsible, cooperative children; a calmer you.

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