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Six Reasons Why Your Negativity is Harming Your Child's Brain, and How To Change

Parenting is challenging under the best of circumstances. Throw in the stress of lockdowns, job insecurity, keeping kids safe during the pandemic, decisions about schooling, and a "new normal" that feels anything but normal, and many parents find themselves near the breaking point. The safe-haven we long for at home seems to have disappeared. Fear and anxiety have taken over, and often turn into anger. We lash out at family members because we can. When you belittle or snap at your child you may think you're just being honest or blowing off steam, but such venting comes with a price.

Are You a Steamroller Grandparent? You've been telling your child what to do for their entire life. Now that they're a parent, it's time to stop butting in and respect them for the adult they are. Here are some tips.


The Real Cause of Temper Tantrums, and How to Stop Them 

Small children have meltdowns because they want you to know how horribly, extremely, terribly upset they are. When you empathize by putting these emotions into words, the screaming stops almost immediately.


How to Help Your Child Do Their Best in School This Year - No Matter How They're Accessing Their Curriculum

Whether kids are schooling in-person, on-line, or at home, this year is sure to be stressful for all involved. Make the learning part easier by teaching your kiddos to use all three learning styles to their advantage.

You're Not a Bad Parent, You're Just...Loud

Yelling works - that's why we do it - but everyone feels worse afterward. We're all feeling a little short-tempered these days, especially after months of being cooped up. Here are some alternatives to yelling.

The Number One Thing You Can Do to Make Your Home More Peaceful

It's been said that all negative behavior can be traced back to an attitude of disrespect. From sassy attitudes to riots and looting or worse, disregard for others is the root cause. Learn how to teach and model a respectful attitude.

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